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It might seem like a fancy extra that some architects use to stand out among the crowd, but it’s not. When it comes to modern architectural design, CGI (computer-generated imagery) is today’s minimum standard for a number of reasons: CGI rendering allows for a great depth and detail to the architectural plan which in turn means better design, fewer errors, and lower costs when designing and building your residential, development, public, and commercial build projects. It’s absolutely necessary when choosing a quality architecture firm in Spain or Gibraltar and something McLundie Architects is proud to provide to all of our clients as part of our architectural services.

The Importance of CGI in Modern Architecture

Modern CGI rendering includes both static images as well as 3D animations to help you visualise your project on a detailed level. With it, you, your architect, creative teams, and other stakeholders can easily see your completed project before it’s even started. They can also see how different elements within it can change the look and feel of each aspect or area of the interior and exterior of the building, as well as the entirety of the project as a whole: test out building or room layouts, outdoor spaces, building materials, colour schemes, furniture choices, and more across every corner of your  project until you love it. Modern CGI is so detailed in fact, you can accurately see how lighting -both natural and artificial, will reflect in and on your project, an important aspect to life on the Costa del Sol! Then, once your project is planned to your exact specifications, you can use those images to plan and promote it to potential clients, tenants, and investors in print and online.


In any project, your vision and your wishes are the upmost importance and every architect’s top priority is to create a design that meets your wants and your needs, so that you are completely satisfied with everything they do -before, during, and after your project is completed. The use of CGI significantly helps with this critical communication between you and your architectural team and using it effectively means that your architect can quite literally show you that they have listened, understood, and complied with your wishes by creating a to-scale model of your project before construction even begins. Thus giving you the chance to visualise how your ideas can come to life, letting you see ‘the big picture’ in terms of scope and design, and giving you the time and space to reflect on and discuss the plethora of possibilities available. It also means that even after a plan is in place or even after construction has begun, everything from large-scale changes to minute detail adjustments are more quickly and easily made, saving you precious time and unnecessary expense.

Visualise your dreams, visualise your home

At McLundie Architects, we always aim to not only meet expectations, but exceed them. That’s why our team is made up of only bi-lingual British-trained architects and interior designers registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Official College of Architects in Spain, who listen to your desires carefully and build a detailed plan according to your exact specifications. With over 30 years in the architecture business and the completion of prestigious projects such as Victoria Keys in Gibraltar, San Roque Villas development, and private luxury villas in Marbella, Gibraltar, and across the Costa del Sol, we have ample experience listening and understanding your aspirations then transforming them into a detailed plan, complete with in-depth drawings and CGI 3D renderings throughout your project’s planning and progression, so you are always up-to-date and completely in love with every aspect of what we do for you.


Every project we undertake is designed and built to the highest of standards with a focus on quality, detail, style, and sustainability to meet your precise needs and complete your unique vision. Contact our team today to discuss your ideas and how we can help transform them into an architectural legacy you’ll be proud of.