Explore McLundie Architects in Sotogrande. Discover exceptional designs and get tips on choosing an architect for your dream project.

Sotogrande is the very definition of understated chic. Low-key and unassuming, this elegant retreat to the south of the Costa del Sol offers the very best in luxury and privacy. For over 50 years, Sotogrande has continually carved its path as one of the leading areas to invest in on the Costa del Sol and the Campo de Gibraltar.

Stunning beaches that seem untouched by man, a marina that flows effortlessly through beautifully presented apartments and villas, as well as a foodie scene to rival that of nearby Marbella, Sotogrande is the ultimate way to ‘Live Different’.

Choosing an Architect in Sotogrande

When it comes to selecting an architect in Sotogrande, go with the firm that has over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial projects across Europe and beyond. Choose McLundie Architects.

Our British-trained team of architects and interior designers, all of whom are registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Official College of Architects of Spain, have a wealth of experience in architecture in the Sotogrande, Costa del Sol and Campo de Gibraltar areas.

The McLundie Mission

We believe that the projects we create should suit our client’s needs, whilst also respecting the local environment. In an area like Sotogrande, which still enjoys an expansive natural landscape, our aim is to compliment the environment, not go up against it. Using the highest quality materials, with minimal environmental impact, we’ll make sure that your projects stand the test of time. Each project we work on is a legacy that you can be proud of, and with our expertise, we can bring it to life.

Here at McLundie, we treat every project uniquely. The challenges and opportunities that your project presents us, we view as a chance to improve our skills and push the boundaries of what we can achieve. Using the latest in innovative design methods, and as well as our fantastic attention to detail, we will ensure that we use every architectural possibility to build your idea from the ground up.

Architects That Care

Our team of architects in Sotogrande are here to listen to you and help you get the very best out of the entire design and build process. We work to a set schedule and budget, fully immersing ourselves in each project as it progresses. Throughout all phases of the project, you can count on us to be there for you, helping to ensure that your needs are met, as well as those of the project in hand.

Our Services at McLundie Architects

Our services will take your project from visualisation to realisation, with a helping hand to guide you every step of the way. We offer a fully bespoke and personal service to all our clients, including the following:

Master Planning

Whether it be a residential development project or a new commercial build, our team can help flesh out your ideas and create a master plan of how we can bring it to life.


We believe that the best architecture comes from the combination of all the elements that individually comprise and shape the character of a building. By working together creatively from the start of any project, our architects and engineers will combine their knowledge to devise integrated, sustainable design solutions.

Interior Design

Our team of interior designers are highly skilled in creating innovative solutions that blend function and style to create a space that you’ll love to be in. Whether it’s one room, an entire private residence or a commercial venture, our designers will work alongside you to make sure every detail is accounted for.

3D Rendering and Visualisation

Our team of 3D artists have vast experience in visual communication and take pride in bringing projects to life. 3D rendering and visualisation is now an integral part of the interior design and architectural design process. It can be used to build up concepts from scratch, bring ideas to life and allow you to see the proposed result.

Project Management

Efficient processes, budgetary control and customer satisfaction are our number one priority here at McLundie. Our experienced team of architects, engineers and interior designers will ensure that your project runs smoothly right from its inception, all the way through to completion.

If you’re looking for an Architect in Sotogrande, trust none other than McLundie Architects. We’re experts at residential home and commercial building design in southern Spain and Gibraltar, specialising in end-to-end bespoke design that meets your lifestyle and your budget.

We’re advocates for innovation, sustainability, and quality, in every building we design and build. We would love to discuss your upcoming project to see how we can implement your vision to the highest standard.

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