Discover a portfolio of creating experiences. In McLundie Architects, architects and interior designers, we'll designing your dream home.

A quality building, one that reflects your unique personality and vision, should not be measured merely by the end result. That’s why when working with McLundie architects, we take just as much pride in the process of designing your dream home as we do in completing it. Our team of professional architects and interior designers work alongside you every step of the way with passion, creativity, experience and skill to not just build the highest quality of home across Southern Spain and beyond but to create an architectural experience like no other that you can take pride in from beginning to end and beyond.

British Trained Architects in Spain and Gibraltar

Founded by Colin McLundie with professional training and experience in Glasgow, Scotland before moving to the Costa del Sol to begin his own practice, McLundie is proud of his dual architectural qualifications in both the UK and in Spain as well as the prestigious projects he’s undertaken. What’s more, to meet the needs of their clients from across the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Canada as well as Spain and Gibraltar, the McLundie team of professional architects and interior designers are all bi-lingual and registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects as well as the Official College of Architects of Spain. Together, and with over 30 years of collective experience, the McLundie Architects’ impressive portfolio of work sets the standard for the highest levels of quality in residential, commercial, development, and joint venture architectural projects both locally and abroad.

Unsurpassed Quality, Unparalleled Design

The McLundie Architectural design studios in Sotogrande, Spain and Gibraltar are built on creating architectural projects across Southern Spain and beyond that are each perfectly suited to the individual needs of our clients with a thorough understanding and respect for the environment they are a part of. We believe in quality design, quality materials, and quality collaboration to produce only unparalleled residential and commercial architectural design projects that withstand the tests of time.

The McLundie portfolio speaks for itself with magnificent projects and top-level clients from around the globe that attest to our professional, personable, unparalleled work and services.

All of our projects are client-driven and uniquely designed to your precise specifications and vision so every project we undertake is as unique as it is incredible, from concept to creation. We take great pride in creating sustainable architecture that showcases our client’s vision from day one, with collaborative planning, top-of-the line design tools, and on-going feedback. So much more than a finished project, the complete experience of working with the McLundie team to design, develop, and execute your project is proudly unsurpassed.

Please get in touch with the McLundie team to discuss your project no matter where you are in the planning process. We would love to exceed all your expectations as we help develop your building plans and bring your unique vision to life.