Discover Your Dream home in Costa del Sol - Invest Wisely with the Right Villa Architect. Start Living the Spanish Dream Today!

Spain is one of the most sought-after places in the world to live, and the Costa del Sol one of the most sought after places in Spain. So if you’re thinking of living here, you’ve made a great choice. Marbella, Sotogrande, and the whole of the Costa del Sol are stunning areas to live that offer a quality of life like you can’t find anywhere else.

Choosing a custom-designed and built villa can compliment your new Spanish lifestyle perfectly. Creating a home that takes into consideration your personality, your preferences, and of course your budget, combined with expert knowledge of the area you’ve chosen to live, can create not just a home but a unique reflection of who you are now and how you want to live in Spain. Investing in the right villa architect will make all the difference in your endeavours.

Choosing a Villa Architect

Designing and building your villa in Spain is never something you should do alone and having a professional architect to help from the very start is your best option in terms of cost, satisfaction, and longevity. It’s important to get on well with any potential architect you hire -you will be spending plenty of time with them in the near future after all, but also make sure your architect specialises in villa architecture, as both the creative as well as technical aspects of building a luxury home can be quite different to other building styles. And it may seem obvious, but the best villa architects on the Costa del Sol will also be local to the Costa del Sol. Make sure your chosen villa architect has lived in the area long enough to understand the unique needs a bespoke villa in Spain requires: careful attention to layout and orientation so your home benefits from the spectacular weather Southern Spain is famous for without overheating; the best locations for a villa by the sparkling Mediterranean sea without sacrificing your privacy versus the ideal placement of a rustic villa in the mountains with easy access to the hustle, bustle, and amenities of town; local and sustainable materials that will withstand Marbella’s world-famous microclimate, conserve energy, minimise impact, and increase your home’s comfort level and long-term value; even landscaping that works with the land, not against it, and showcases the beautiful Costa del Sol environment for seamless indoor-outdoor living. These are all essential elements to a villa design that should never be overlooked and are much better addressed by a local expert.

Designing Your Spanish Villa

Conversation is critical, so always make sure you work with an architect that you feel comfortable openly discussing your ideas, plans, and budget for your new villa in Spain. Some prefer to have a very hands-on approach to designing their villa, while others are content to let their professional architects and designers handle most of the decision-making. Either way is fine, as long as you have a dedicated project manager overseeing your villa design and build and keeping you up-to date, involved, and informed, walking you through every step of the design process, taking as much or as little control over the creative process as you prefer. As long as you are happy with your level of control, feel heard and understood by your architect and their team, and your budget is being adhered to, the final result will always be one you’re happy with.

If you are looking to start the design and build of your bespoke villa in Spain, be it a traditional Spanish villa with lots of charm, a comfortable family villa for seasonal or year-round living, a ultra-modern, top-of-the-line luxury villa, or literally anything in between, we invite you to speak with McLundie Architects. Not only does McLundie specialise in designing villas for the Costa del Sol, we are proud of the genuine customer-centric approach we take to our villa design process; a process that puts you at the heart of things while still making the designing and building of your villa in Spain both simple and enjoyable.

You can reach McLundie Architects in Sotogrande at +34 956 796 651 or Gibraltar at +350 200 71913.