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Interior Design Sotogrande & Gibraltar. Innovative architecture for a more sustainable future.

At McLundie Architects we specialise in interior design in Sotogrande and Gibraltar. McLundie Architects is an architectural design studio in Southern Spain, with offices in Sotogrande on the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar. We’ve been bringing property visions to life since 1992, completing a range of residential and commercial projects in Europe and beyond.
About McLundie Architects


The best interior design in Sotogrande and Gibraltar. Our team is made up of a British trained group of architects and interior designers, all of whom are registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Official College of Architects of Spain. We are all bi-lingual, making working globally simple, and have a wealth of experience in architecture built up over 30 years in practice.


In addition to our exclusive projects, we have also worked on a variety of joint ventures with our sister company, Geddes Architects in London (to form McLundie Geddes Architects MGA). Such projects have included Victoria Keys and Queensway Quay in Gibraltar and St. Lawrence Road, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the UK.


At McLundie Architects, we believe that buildings should suit our clients’ needs whilst still respecting the local environment. We also believe in timeless design, using the highest quality materials with minimal environmental impact, to make sure your building withstands the tests of time. Your building should be a legacy that you can be proud of, and with our expertise, we can help you bring it to life, particularly in the realm of interior design in Sotogrande and Gibraltar.

We begin every project with a detailed brief from you, working to understand your exact aspirations. Collaboration is at the heart of each of our designs, and we’ll be sure to work alongside you to develop your plans and exceed expectations. Throughout the design and construction process the building is tested by way of drawings, modelling and 3D prototyping, and you’ll be kept up to date with every slight alteration. This helps us keep to our high standard of quality and ensure our whole team stays on track from design development to implementation.

High Quality Design. Interior Design Sotogrande & Gibraltar

High Quality Design

Our interior design in Sotogrande and Gibraltar focuses on quality. Delivery high quality designs forms the basis of our philosophy, and we treat each individual project uniquely. The challenges and opportunities your project brings we view as a chance to improve our skills and push the boundaries on what we can achieve.

High Quality Design. Interior Design Sotogrande & Gibraltar
Design & Innovation. Interior Design Sotogrande & Gibraltar

Design & Innovation

We pride ourselves on our use of innovative design methods, our attention to every detail, and our ability to listen to clients, ensuring we use every architectural possibility to build your idea from the ground up.

Interior Design Sotogrande & Gibraltar. Professionalism


Whilst working to a set schedule and budget, we fully immerse ourselves in each project as they take shape. We take pride in our work, watching it grow from design ideas to completion and ensuring every detail meets our standards. At McLundie Architects we make the best interior design in Sotogrande and Gibraltar possible.

Interior Design Sotogrande & Gibraltar. Professionalism
Interior Design Sotogrande & Gibraltar. Quality & Expertise

Quality & Expertise

We take great care through all phases of our projects to ensure that the design develops in line with the clients’ expectations, and that the completed building is well constructed and within budget. Discover our portfolio as proof of the best interior design in Sotogrande & Gibraltar.


Qualifying at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Colin practiced for five years in Scotland before moving to Gibraltar in 1986 to open an office for a well known Glasgow practice, during which time he undertook a number of significant projects. In 1992 he moved to create his own practice and established McLundie Architects. Colin McLundie is both a Spanish and British qualified architect, being one of the first foreign Architects in Spain to achieve dual title in 1990 and has over 30 years experience in the British, European, Middle Eastern and Canadian markets.

Lorena Gómez

After graduating from the University of Technical Architecture in Seville in 2008, Lorena went on to broaden her architectural foundations, by studying and achieving an additional degree in Building Engineering. To put her education into practice, she took on an internship at McLundie Architects, where she first met Colin McLundie. Colin has played a pivotal role in Lorena’s professional and personal development, allowing her to develop and polish her skills in Architectural and Interior design. The professional connection between the two has evolved and strengthened over the years, so much so that Lorena is now Director of the firm and Colin’s trusted business partner.